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Comprehensive property management approach

What you get is much more than what you see!

Full property managment systeme with backend listing and agents management, including fully configurable datasets to match your business workflow.

Franchise and master franchise management

Our approach supports multiple agencies structures and agents role and worflow.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It is nowadays of paramount importance to track people interactions around a particular property: information requirments, email exchanges, appointments sheduling, etc.

Featuring a comprensive Customer Relationship Managmeent (CRM) system, our approach allows for a fully standalone solution.

Complex property development

A specific module has been developed for promotors and complex property developpers, allowing the management of new properties within projects.

In and out interfacing

One of the key aspects where most systems fail is their capacity to communicate with existing internal systems and exporting listed properties to mainstream real estate portals.

Allowing XML/CSV formats for data input and XML/CSV /Json/ Trulia and Zillow for data output, our approach will seamlessly integrate with any link in your communication chain.

And many more...

Mobile app (iOS / Android), online calendar and booking management, demographic and neighborhood information, those ae few additional options available.

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